There is no other kind. Leaders are defined by their followers and supporters. Leaders offer a compelling vision of the future. What makes it compelling is not the eloquence of the communication, but the commitment of the leader.

I believe in what my leader believes. What he believes is made evident to me by what he is willing to sacrifice, what price she is willing to pay, and what pain he is willing to endure in pursuit of the vision.

My leader is someone who shows me the potential of the future through sweat and commitment. My leader is someone who understands the price he asks of me because he pays it himself.

My leader subjects herself to the guidance of wise and balanced council. My leader is humble and understands her limits. My leader surrounds herself with an increadible team in support of the vision and trusts them to do their part.

If my leader is not your leader, you might be following an abusive charismatic.

Brooke Lark

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