Money burns them.

Our pockets seem fine until we have a little extra cash jiggling around. We are not used to having spare change. We feel like the money is worthless if it’s not working. We force ourselves to find ways to put it to work.

This is just as true for small businesses. When you finally crack the positive cash flow cycle it feels ‘Vanilla Sky‘. You thought you wanted it, but now it just begs more questions.

Plan for success, not just failure. And then stick to the plan. That extra cash already has a purpose. It’s mandated by your plan.

If you don’t have a ‘success’ plan, craft one before you make ‘success decisions’. Stewardship is obvious when we don’t have enough. Ambiguity sets in with plenty. Plan for it.

Or don’t, and watch the cycle catch up with you.

Julian Santa Ana

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