If we are the peak of intelligence on earth, it stands to reason that it is possible,  somewhere in the expanse of the universe, for a more intelligent species to exist.

The question perhaps is, why does it matter? Do we justify the existence of a more intelligent species to help us cope with problems we do not understand or are unable to solve?

The more pressing question should be, ‘What if we are the most intelligent species in the universe?” By implication, we become accountable, not just for ourselves or our survival, but for all our actions and it’s consequences on every other living organism.

If we are the most intelligent, we are also the most empowered. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Perhaps we should take the position that we are ultimately accountable until proven otherwise – not the other way around.

Perhaps, instead of looking out, we should be looking in.

Dino Reichmuth

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