A lawnmower does not make for a good fan. A fan does not make for a good propeller. Each contains all the essential elements of the other. These products are defined by their design, configuration and construction. Each could be used in a different way, but they will never fulfil that function as well as the one for which they were designed.

The intent of the creator does not define the outcome. It is the ability of the creator to embed her intent into the design that ensures it.

By this measure, creating a business is only half the job. Our business will not work as we intend it. It will work as we designed it.

So much of your energy as an entrepreneur goes into building and running a business that design occurs unintentionally. No wonder our businesses suffer from ill-defined purpose and ever-changing direction.

We justify this shortfall as a commitment to innovation. We do not want to constrict growth with too many boundaries. Innovation thrives on boundaries or just beyond them. It’s much harder to innovate in open space.

Like double-minded men, unstable in all their ways, so is a business without definition.

S A R A H ✗ S H A R P

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