It’s a state of imperfection. This is not to be confused with ‘broken’ that refers to non-functioning. As much as we prefer it not to be the case, everything we are involved with, create or design is subject to entropy.

Entropy is a force that feeds on imperfections. The fact that we are subject to decay means that we, our businesses, our products and our relationships are in a state of brokenness.

It is in our best interest to accept this as our reality and learn to function from a place of authenticity. We discover the freedom to invest our time in improving our processes, businesses, ideas and relationships.

Refusing to acknowledge brokenness does not make it untrue. It just means we spend all our energy trying to hide it from others. All the while they are likely doing the same thing. And we’re not fooling anybody.

Let’s invest in moving forward instead.

Holger Link

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