All the time and energy we expend in a process before verifying the existence of the critical success factors (CSF) is a risk. It creates inefficiency every time we repeat the process without the CSF present. The desired outcome is not achieved. We spent energy before we realised this would be the end result.

It makes sense to determine their presence or likelihood of execution as early in the process or project as possible. This forces us to consider the cost of failed execution. It also encourages us to check the CSF first.

This requires us to understand our CSF. This is only as good as our ability to track them accurately. The reporting structure that informs us of the existence of our CSF becomes a CSF in itself.

No point checking the availability of stock necessary to secure a sale on a system that is inaccurate. It’s no use having the world’s best bungee rope if it’s tied to a sketchy structure. Sure, the rope won’t snap. That’s not the only thing that can kill your customer.

Fixing this will not only save you countless hours, but it will save your customers time too.

Let’s get it right.

Laurynas Mereckas

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