Owning this statement requires that we endeavour to equip and enable you to be the best you can be. You do not serve me when you help me to inflict harm. You set me up for failure.

Service requires us to put the customer first. Not what they want, but what is good for them. This does not entail a moral policing, but rather a presence of mind. It’s logical not to sell a weapon to a person in a drunken rage.

Our responsibility is to protect people from the harm they might inflict unknowingly. The question is, should we stop at warnings on cigarette boxes, or should we find ways to help our customers quit smoking?

Should we stop at warnings of the effects of alcohol abuse, or should we create services that help our customers recover? We don’t have to, but someone does. If we leave it long enough, we get ‘sin’ taxes. An external party intervenes and forces our customers to pay for the cost of their overindulgence.

Great customer service would pre-empt this. Great customer service requires a long term view.

Alev Takil

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