Access to a second-hand online market is having a huge impact on our decision making. With so many options available, we fall prey to ‘best-deal’ fever. We find something we like, but is it the best one we can afford? What if I buy it and a better one comes along?

Falling prey to this ‘best-deal’ mentality could string you along all the while costing you productivity. In extreme cases, it leads to the inability to make a decision. We prefer to postpone with the hope that a more obvious choice comes along.

Waterline dates on decisions serve as a great decision-making tool. Hand in hand with minimum criteria for an acceptable deal, we ensure that we make a decision on or before a set date.

The alternative is wishful thinking. Like waiting for the perfect parking spot. You could drive around the lot a couple of times until you get it. If you took the first acceptable option, your shopping would probably be done by then.

Raban Haaijk

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