New opportunities are intoxicating and thrilling. They come filled with promise of adventure and possibility. Most of all, they come with hope. Hope that our future will be brighter and happier.

All these sunny-side-up bubbles and unicorn farts downplay the costs. The sacrifice of change is usually larger than we anticipate. We expect it to be easier because the benefits are so fairytale fantastic. It’s almost as if we are scared to admit the costs for fear that our ‘pessimism’ will burst the fragile bubble of our dreams.

Au contraire! A realistic assessment of the costs up front will equip is with much more realistic expectations. The more aligned our expectations are with reality, the greater the chances are that we will stick it out. A marathon is hard, but it is achievable. You train and prepare for it so that you are well equipped and ready. Your experience will be very different if you start our thinking it’s only 10km.

Whether you are emigrating, embarking on a new business strategy or choosing to change careers, make sure you have a realistic understanding of the cost of change. It’s your best chance for a successful transition.


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