Dale Carnegie says that a name is the most precious word heard by any individual. It’s a powerful idea that captures the essence of a person in their own mind. It’s a word that, to that one person, is the most meaningful, most intricate, and most valuable collection of ideas, potential and emotions.

For something so powerful, we should certainly spend a fair amount of time thinking about what to name our products and our companies. Or should we? Is it really the name? For an individual, the name is powerful because it encapsulates a lifetime of experiences and hope for the future. It symbolizes a set of values expressed within the story of an evolving character.

Your brand has the same potential. It can only achieve that when it transcends the name. The words must become more valuable than their meanings alone. This is easier with words that have no meanings, to begin with.

What’s in a name. Everything or nothing.

Waldemar Brandt

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