Growth comes with increase. Increase in revenue. Increase in acclaim. Increase in opportunity. Increase in workload. While all of this is great, we quickly run out of capacity. It’s an easy fix. We hire our first employee.

Soon, we discover managing an employee is not as easy as we hoped it would be. It feels like even more work than I had before the hire. We ask, ‘What’s the point?’ Decide not to offer the employee a permanent contract and allow our business to shrink to a size we can manage by ourselves.

This happens not because our employees are incompetent or lazy, but because our small business does not have defined processes. As a solo entrepreneur, everything happens in your head. You know the process, how you like things done. Your new employee does not have a handbook to your head. They get stuff wrong, waste time, seem lazy.

Creating capacity to accommodate scale is much more work than hiring a couple of extra people. It’s about creating a business that lives and breathes outside of the mind of the creator. Most small businesses never realise this. They remain stuck in inefficiencies and unproductive employees.

Growth is not something that happens. It’s something we prepare for.

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