It’s mission critical. If a team is not on the same page inefficiency sets in and successful execution hangs in the balance. Even more so when these are project teams. Time is not in your favour.

High functioning teams are held together by mutual respect and self-accountability. These building blocks start to crumble when we take sides or choose the one path over the other. It quickly breeds feelings of incompetence, perceptions of favouritism or disrespect.

A helpful, effective resolution requires transparency. These disagreements must be addressed by measuring the different perspectives with an objective, agreed upon metric. What are the critical objectives this team hopes to achieve? What are their priority weightings?

It’s the second question that jacks us up. We usually know what we are aiming for, but we don’t know what to give up if we cannot reach every objective.

When a team disagrees, it’s usually the result of an unclear mandate. This is the responsibility of the team leader.

Clarify objectives and priorities. A clear path will emerge.

Hannah Joshua

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