We don’t like it. Mostly because it’s our own creation. Each one is an intimate expression of ourselves. To the creator, the idea is perfect, unadulterated and untainted. It’s an expression of our vision for the future. It’s fragile.

Ideas, no matter how great they are, are prone to imperfections. Like the dross in silver, ideas in their unrefined state always contain within them the expressions and traces of the conception process.

Exposing your idea to entropy will test it. A baptism of fire that reveals its true brilliance by burning away that which does not serve. If the fire consumes it all, you had no silver to begin with.

It’s scary. You might fall short.

Would you rather spend your time mining junk? Exposing ideas is the only true test of quality. If it survives, it deserves to. If it doesn’t, cut your losses and try again.


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