The rapid pace of change requires us to respond to opportunity in the market very quickly. Such a response requires a great platform that serves as a springboard. We create a structure to enable this springboard effect.

Structures tend to create fences. This is great when it channels all the cattle through our gate. Less so when it keeps us fenced in. With rapid change, structures that once served us could become hurdles. Their permanent nature creates lethargy and a ‘that’s just how it works around here’ attitude.

Some things are hard to change. Legacy systems and hierarchical structures that served a valid purpose for a long time do not change overnight. Partly because we cannot fathom how something so useful could suddenly be the problem.

We would be better served thinking outside the box. Find freedom within the structure. Think about creative ways to evolve and morph the structure until the fences are useful.

So the structure is holding you back. Even if you had a perfect structure, it would feel the same way a short while from now. It was perfect at some point. Far more useful than complaining, is finding a way.

Innovation flourishes under constraint. Harness it.

Janko Ferlič

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