When we reach it, momentum becomes our friend. It’s when we max out storage capacity for energy. It’s also the tipping point where the energy stored exceeds resistance.

The crest of the wave, the apex of the jump flight, the top of your golf swing; all moments of critical mass. All indicators of the energy available to be channelled into a single goal. Once you reach it, you work on efficient transfer and true aim.

First, we much reach it. We garner support, sell our ideas, do case studies. We put in the hard yards that guzzle the most fuel because we are going up against resistance.

Without resistance, you cannot store up energy.

You can get a running start. Store up some energy of your own.

Some examples of running starts:

  1. Cut your living costs and save up some money before you jump into your own venture full time.
  2. Test your ideas with a couple of friends before you pitch it to the boss.
  3. Push away with one pedal stroke at the traffic light before you cleat in the other shoe.

It’s unrealistic to wish away resistance. Let’s learn to store it better instead.

Aaron Burden

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