Our initial approach to systems and organisations plays a huge role in the outcomes we experience. Whether it’s a change management process, sales pitch or a radical idea, the organisation make a determination of the level of the threat. Anything new and unknown brings some level of discomfort. A threat activates a cascade of activities.

If your approach is perceived as hostile, the immune system activates. It blocks access, disrupts activity and enacts countermeasures. This breaks down messages, polarises perspectives and generates factions. Once this response is triggered a sale can no longer be successful, it becomes a peace mission.

The UN gets involved, negotiations tarry on for years and progress is painfully slow. Trust was broken down because the intent was unclear or perceived as malicious. It’s a hard thing to get back.

The alternative is to change your approach. Follow the rules for the airfield. Communicate with the traffic controller, make your intentions known. Execute accurately.

Or don’t. Get a military escort. If you make it to the ground, there will be a lot of admin for an event that will now be classified as an ‘incident’.

Gerard Cos

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