In a world driven by formulas and methodologies, we can easily get caught in the trap of standardised solutions. A factory model approach to everything that requires standard practices for scale, learning, skills transfer and recruitment.

A system driven by these practices will always favour the parties with scale. It’s the only competitive metric in a system that seeks to achieve it.

Scale is not always the answer. Most medical technology functions this way. The underlying structures might lend itself to scale, the products (organs, treatments and transplants) are highly tailored to each individual client.

Here, the objective changes to which environment is the most conducive to what we hope to achieve.

Stress and heat are good when we hope to produce diamonds from coal. It’s harmful when imposed in an overworked and understaffed business dealing with disruption.

Instead of following methodologies and standards, perhaps we should consider what excellence lies beyond just passing the grade.

Chris Nguyen

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