In a world of ever-increasing options and instant access, the delivery of services and products are not enough. High-quality services and products are the gates you must pass through to earn access to the market.

That’s easy work.

To design this for pleasant customer experience is not. We think about business process optimisation from a cost and efficiency perspective. What is cheapest for the organisation? What unlocks economies of scale?

This keeps our costs down and passes savings on to customers.

What if your customers are willing to pay more? There is a whole market of customers begging for something exceptional. High touch, customer-centric design. They want us to serve them and they are willing to pay.

All we need is a change of perspective, a new metric. Efficiency is not measured as input vs output. Instead, we must measure efficiency and experience from the customers perspective. Are we geared to enable our customers to achieve economies of scale?

The outcomes will change when we change what we measure. Customer centricity is an approach to system design, not a sales tool.

It’s difficult work.

Hayden Hunt

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