Vision is a great place to start. It creates energy and excitement that could become the fuel to propel the vessel to its final destination. The vision realised.

This happens much less often than the rousing Hollywood halftime speeches would like us to believe. Daring vision requires a daring execution. Usually, the executors and the visionaries are not the same people. Enter broken telephone.*

When visionaries fail to translate vision into language that executors can understand, we divide energy and sacrifice efficiency. This results in delays. Delays are the death of any project.

The fix is simple. Translate the vision. The reality is hard. Visionaries and executors speak different languages. Visionaries communicate the vision the way they see it. We don’t know any better.

Effective communication starts not with what I want to communicate, but what I want the listener to hear. The focus is not on the speaker but on the listener. How radical would it be for a visionary to design communication for effective execution?

First, we must understand execution.

It’s easy to have visions of the future. It’s hard to make them happen.

*Great example by Jimmy Fallon and Anne Hathaway. 🙂

David Travis

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