Climbing a mountain is a big commitment. It makes sense to travel as light as possible. We don’t pack things we don’t need. Running a marathon is the same. It’s much easier when we are not overweight. Excess fat and even muscle serve no purpose. No point in lugging it along.

Pursuing a new strategy is no different. We aim for a new future. It’s new because our current trajectory won’t get us there. This requires a change. It requires that we drop some of the sandbags to allow us to climb faster.

Sailors figure this out ages ago. When the ship is in trouble you start throwing stuff overboard. You start with what is least valuable.

Our lives are not ships, neither are our dreams, goals or businesses. Instead, they are rockets. Don’t pack more than you need. If it doesn’t serve, it doesn’t deserve.

It’s harder than you think. Just check your backpack. You might be surprised how many rocks you’ve been carrying.

Ricardo Rocha

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