We tend to become overdependent on a particular sense. Most of us favour a sense as predominant over all the others. When we absorb and process new information we tend to use the predominant sense as the fail-safe. If that sense is not convinced our brains alters our experience of the other senses to achieve congruence with our baseline.

This is not uncommon. Pilots and sea captains all do the same thing. They have instruments they use as references. They are the most stable, most reliable ones proven over time. Like a compass.

The challenge with our senses is that they are grossly unreliable. Fortunately, they tend to also be predictably unreliable. Take optical illusions as an example. This predictability allows us to determine when it’s better to ignore a particular sense as we are operating in it’s less efficient domain.

It is worthwhile to purposely subdue one of our senses to enhance our experience and step away from preconceived ideas.

Perhaps we should switch off risk aversion in brainstorming sessions, or activate execution in strategy sessions. Maybe we could even switch of sales and revenue in sales and start thinking experience and narrative.

Henry Be

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