Skills development is about more than a transfer of knowledge. When we understand skills development as training we reiterate information that our audience already knows.

What the choir longs for is not another sermon about stuff they have heard a thousand times. They are waiting desperately for the opportunity to sing. They seek guidance to release their expression in practice. They want to apply the theory. They want someone to show them how.

It’s an immense opportunity. It’s also a  challenge. You have the opportunity to practice what you ‘preach’. Only you can showcase what you say is true. It keeps you accountable. It also keeps you relevant.

Anybody can look smart by regurgitating something they studied. To transfer skills, you must first possess them.

That makes it expensive. That makes it valuable.

If you are getting it on the cheap, chances are it’s either an easy skill or a mirage.

Haley Rivera

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