A question of purpose. Your answer defines a lot. It is said that the Roman army was followed closely by the engineers and road builders. As the army expanded outward from the capital, the road builders followed with the infrastructure to transport all the loot back to the capital. This is why all roads lead to Rome.

The one is not more important than the other. They do follow each other in sequence.

Pioneer businesses are the first movers. They define markets. They challenge dominant thinking. They make footpaths where passage was once impossible. They create access and unlock possibility. They are proactive.

Builder businesses are second adopters. They wait to see how the market responds. Are the pioneers going to win the fight? If they do, we can optimise. They expand, enhance and improve. They reshape and innovate. They grow. They are also reactive.

It’s tough laying bricks with a sword. It’s difficult to conquer nations with a shovel.

Which tools have you got? Where do they fit in the sequence?

Sarah Shaffer


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