We see many examples of this in history. Eduardo Sullivan, Steve Wozniak, Steve Ditko are some of the people in this category. Their contributions are underappreciated, misunderstood, and even taken for granted.

Each has their own story, as does the counterpart. Visions diverge and paths part ways. It’s the natural cycle of things. What we must remember, is that we would not have the one without the other. The shining lights, the pioneers, the creative geniuses can be appreciated because, at some point, they had the other guy in their corner. Be it as a soundboard, a sanity check or a strong supporter urging them on, these other guys are crucial to success.

It’s great to be the star of the musical. It’s really hard to be a star in a mediocre play. The other guy is the backstage director. Without him, mediocre is the best you’ll get.

It’s also great to be the backstage director of the production, but make sure it’s a masterpiece. The audience might not know how to show it, but our applause is a testament to your great work.

Here’s to the other guy!

Onni Anttoora

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