This is the highest unsummited mountain in the world. Gangkar Puensum. Situated in the small country of Bhutan or the China border. It is not the tallest mountain in the world, not even in the top 20. Yet, it has become the envy of every climbing team in the world.

As much as the world wants to conquer this giant rumored to be the resting place of the gods, with a track record of Yeti sightings, such a feat would be illegal. In response to an appeal from its people, Bhutan closed it’s mountains to climbing expeditions in 2003 after a brief period of access.

This is a powerful lesson in marketing. The unknown calls to us. When we cannot answer, when we cannot satisfy, our imagination responds with enormous creativity to make the unattainable, even more desirable. If I cannot taste, oh let me smell.

It seems bizarre to forgo so much economic potential in such a poor country. But the people are happy because they are heard and respected by their rulers. Perhaps, here rests also a powerful lesson in leadership.

Copyright: Photography by Deng Weizhong/

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