It takes babies around four weeks to lift up their heads, 4 months to keep it upright while seated and 6 months before their neck muscles are strong enough to control it. This is 2/3rds the time of incubation.

It’s one of our most basic functions, yet it takes quite a long time before we get the hang of it. When we are born, our heads are proportionally bigger and account for a significant portion of bodyweight.

Start-ups are very similar. Their heads (ideas, methodologies, aspirations, and plans)* are much bigger than they have the ability to lug around. As they engage with the market in the infant stages, all the sales they make or resources they unlock gets reinvested to strengthen the muscular system.

Once you are able to lift your head, you unlock mobility.

Horizons soon expand.

*Some theorize that babies heads are bigger to enlarge the face and thereby appeal to the humanity of the parents to ensure they are cared for.

Scott Webb

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