We are all about providing our customers with experiences. Marketing has moved from information selling to storytelling. And it’s powerful! You allow your customer to express their unique narrative within yours.

What if we followed this same path with our strategies? They are still these lists of objectives and targets that we set out to achieve for the year. How often do we lose focus or get distracted and work off on tangents? Do our strategies have staying power in and of themselves?

A strategic narrative is like a theme for the year. It consists of these same objectives and targets but it is no longer static. It has a theme, a song, and a war cry. It involves habits and celebrations.

It is the story of your year rolled up into a compelling narrative that constantly reinforces itself.

Test it. Choose a theme for your year, the heading of the chapter this year will be in your life story. Choose a virtue you wish to grow in. Pick a song that reminds you of these two things.

Now you have a narrative, write every day.

James L.W

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