There is a certain magic to it, the unpredictable. We spend our lives trying to shape, control, mitigate and minimise it. We prefer certainty.

Certainty is not challenging. We pursue it. We should never achieve it. It’s the carrot that’s just far enough out of reach to keep us going down the road of discovery.

This road is haphazard and non-linear. It affords us the opportunity to respond to disasters as an artist, not a project manager. Sure, it’s unpredictable. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t need creative people, we could use AI.

Every time we create new certainty the margins of society close us in. It takes a truly innovative mind to move the border posts and show us what is possible. Sometimes it’s crazy, sometimes it’s by accident. Rarely is it certain.

Check out these 18 ‘accidents’ that changed the world.

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