Golf is played mostly on fairways and greens with short well kept grass. The shots are predictable and fairly standard. You have a clear line of sight to the ball. Then there are days when you keep ending up in the rough stuff. Nobody plans to do it, it just happens.

We all want our projects to run like fairways and greens. Predictable, under budget and on time. If we are worth our salt, this usually happens. Until it doesn’t. A professional is someone who keeps on the fairway most of the time, a master is someone who can deal with the rough when it happens.

We don’t plan for failure, but we should train for it. It seems like a waste of time until it helps save a multimillion dollar project that went off the rails, or you end up on a plane in the Hudson River.

Thank goodness the flight attendants rehearse for evacuation and not just pushing carts.

Ludwig Schreier

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