A counter-intuitive notion to be sure. It’s just another way of slowing down. A different way to say we should work less and be satisfied with mediocrity. Is it really?

Could there be a point where a business reaches it’s potential and achieves its purpose? Should every bakery in the word become globally renowned or is it ok to be satisfied with serving my small community with the brilliant local produce?

Is greatness determined by the number of people we impact? Is success determined by rising above others? Is purpose only achieved by these definitions?

It’s a slippery slope that discounts the work of less glamorous jobs. As a result, we are creating world-wide skills-shortages in plumbing, carpentry, and almost every other trade specialty. We would rather do something glamorous like computer science to fly us to space or biochemistry to sustain us on Mars.

Big, audacious, hairy goals matter less if we cannot sustain the basics long enough to achieve them.

The reality is that we still need to poop when we get there.

Austin Neill

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