It’s the extra power source for our business. Like a car battery. It does not supply the power to keep the car going, it ignites the reaction for the primary source to take over.

When we start a business this power is sourced in many different ways. Business Incubation, friends and family funds, consultants and support systems. Once the car starts burning fuel, we stop thinking about it. We got the car started, after all, no need for the battery.

The business lifecycle dictates that at some point you will need to go back onto auxiliary power. This might be a new strategic initiative to rejuvenate your growth curve or business rescue or diversification. If you do not build capacity for auxiliary power into your business, this power will need to be sourced back in.

It’s like taking your house off the grid. You can run on sun power fine, as long as the sun is shining. When it’s dark and cloudy, you need to run from batteries where you stored your excess. If you didn’t, you need to reactivate the grid.

Don’t plan like the sun is always shining. Unless you live in Yuma.

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