It’s been relegated to the land of fairytales and wonder. It’s an antiquated idea we used to deal with complexity before we knew everything. It’s a mirage we create to escape the realities of our present. Ironically, this is the way we react when we don’t understand something. We undervalue it or consider it unnecessary. Like an appendix.

We teach our kids to believe in a guy who does not exist so that they hope in the benefits of being good throughout the year. We become adults and lose all hope because now you are the one with the Christmas bill.

Hope is a primary virtue. It is the belief that there is a purpose to what you do. There is purpose to your existence. Hope is the virtue that gives meaning to our actions. Without hope, life becomes sinister and defeatist. Hope is the defining characteristic between courage and recklessness. Courage enables us to do reckless things because we believe in the value. We hope for a positive outcome. The positive outcome is more valuable even than my own life. Not because my life is not valuable, but because it is.

Discover hope again. Not for fairytales and false expectations of a perfect life. Discover hope unlocked by purpose.

Your purpose will change the world.

That makes me hopeful.

Evan Kirby

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