It happens when we hope to capitalise on a window of opportunity. Like releasing our feature film on Friday before the holidays or getting our red roses ready for Valentines day. These are predictable, so we plan in advance to make sure we are ready.

Then, there are situations where we are in a rush because we want to start earning money, or excited to see the final product and just can’t wait. It’s like seeing a 4D scan of your baby in the womb only to find that she looks nothing like that when you hold her the first time.

In the womb, you are creating, growing, increasing capacity. What you think the creation will look like, or act like, or even what she will love can only be discovered once she leaves the womb.

As entrepreneurs, we tend to rush pregnancy because we want the designer baby with all the character traits we picked out. Your business grows a personality and develops core competencies partly based on your DNA yes, but also based on the environment outside the womb. The marketplace forms it to some extent.

When we are in a rush to publish, we throw her out into the market before she is ready, before we even know who she is. Her success is determined by the environment she ends up in. Like leaving your prem new-born at a shelter and hoping for the best.

It’s better to raise her yourself. That takes time and patience.

Anna Dziubinska

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