The world is changing in ways we have never seen before. It’s undergoing a fundamental shift. This is calling into question everything we believe and understand about family, social connection, work, healthy living, and fundamental belief systems.

This is a good thing. Transitions such as these bring into focus opinions and interpretations of truth we have not questioned for a long time. It questions the function of work in the lives of people, the role of gender and sexual orientation, our perspectives on citizenship and nationality-based identity. A transition like this is not a lateral change in understanding, its a transcendence.

Before we achieve this transcendence we will encounter significant conflict. We are questioning fundamentals after all. It’s inconvenient and abrasive. It forces us to confront the seat of our individual identities. It creates complexity.

We are not good at dealing with complexity. So many different perspectives fueled by so many different experiences and interpretations. None of them wrong or invaluable. Complexity requires that we take all the perspectives into account and find our own truth in the midst of it. It also requires that we respect others enough to allow them to do the same.

Such a prolonged period of questioning can only lead to one thing, revelation.


Renatto Mora

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