It’s all about angles. The angle of subject to shot. The angle the light hits the lens. The background you include in the shot. Photographers control these angles with hight, distance and time. All this for the perfect shot.

A perfect shot uses all the relevant elements to frame reality in the most appropriate way. It’s our interpretation and presentation of reality. It’s our way of communicating our perspective to the world.

You determine the same interpretive framework for business opportunities and threats. The concern is not what reality looks like. It’s look is not standard. It is determined by your perspective on all the factors that determine its appearance.

Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to be photographers. We use all the elements to create an interpretation of reality that serves our purpose by the use of angles.

Using stock photos restricts you to the perspectives and interpretations of others. Their angles are informative and develop our skills and ability to see them. Then, we transcend. We find our own voice, our own view of reality. If our view serves others, we find a tribe to serve.

Your perfect shot, is exactly that, yours. Take it!


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