Business needs pollinators to do what they cannot do for themselves. These pollinators come in for a short period of time to carry ideas, innovations and fresh perspectives to other areas of your business. It allows your business to continue to flourish. The pollinators get food in return, which they stock up for the winter.

Consultants are these pollinators. They come in with extra energy and expertise to impregnate your business with new opportunities. It’s an invaluable relationship, especially if it is maintained over a long period of time.

The trick is that we need to determine if the relationship is symbiotic or parasitic. It should always be to mutual benefit. If not, the consultant is either a parasite adding no value or the business is a flower that requires plenty of pollination for very low nectar yields.

It’s easy to spot. Parasites don’t stick around very long, and they don’t get repeat work.

Aaron Burden

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