Do it. It’s the work we prefer not to do. The ‘cheap labour’ we farm out to others. We tell ourselves it’s because it’s not worth our time. Honestly, it’s because we’d prefer not to do it. It’s hard work.

The thing with grunt work is that it tends to be core processes. It’s stuff that makes your business tick. It’s in the critical path to outputs. If no one does it the business stops. You care about this because every step in the critical path is essential to client satisfaction.

In design phase, each one of these steps should be optimised for customer experience. Once done, we forget all about it. It’s been ticked off the to-do list. Customer needs evolve.

Sure, as your business grows you get people you trust to do this. If you understand the function. At some point, you need to do the grunt work. Your business will be better for it.

Knowledge is a poor substitute for understanding gained by experience.

Eduardo Prim

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