Cost cutting or management is never an excuse for poor customer service. Our business is dependent on satisfied customers for its survival. We cannot afford to make them unhappy. Not so for public service.

We seem to have the idea that because the service is paid for by taxes that our customers do not have a choice to pay for, sub-par service is acceptable. All the customers have to suck it up because the service provider holds a monopoly.

The irony is that by forcing the productive citizens of society (who generate the taxes that fund this poor service machine) to stand in queues for 45 minutes to fulfill a mundane task at the post office costs the economy more revenue than improving the service would.

The issue is this cost is hard to measure and takes long to feel, where fixing the problem is an immediate expense. We can keep marginalising our future or we can invest a little now and watch it blossom into a healthy, productive, positive system for all.

On the bright side, you can pay someone to stand in line for you. They earn money, you save money. A clever workaround. Like giving pain meds to a cancer patient.

Jeremy Yap

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