It tells us something. Either we struck a nerve, a matter of importance in the defining characteristics of the identity or beliefs of a group of people, or we really are wrong.

No-one is wrong on purpose. We do and believe things because we truly believe they are true. When we are met with opposition, this suggests that our truth is in direct opposition to the truth of someone else.

Such matters are easy to resolve. The person with fundamental absolute truth on their side wins. Think about mathematical problems. They have an underlying set of principles. Whoever applies these principles correctly is correct.

It is not so simple when we don’t agree on first principles. It’s even harder when these same principles are open to interpretation and contextualization. Even in maths, we have unresolved equations.

When we encounter vehement opposition, it presents an opportunity to reevaluate our first principles. Maybe we missed something. Maybe, we are about to discover deeper truth.


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