It’s the final lap. That final push where you give it everything you’ve got. It’s the culmination of your race strategy. The swan song for long hours of hard work. It’s the opportunity to be remarkable.

Welcome to the bell lap.

The last month of the year. It’s not just about finishing strong, it’s also about starting strong. You have a couple more days to get things done. Do it! Don’t fall into the lethargy that sucks the productivity out of an entire month. Commit! Finish.

Then, slow down. Be in the moment. Recharge, get fresh inspiration. Allow time for rejuvenation, joy and rest. Watch the race tapes, reflect, learn, adjust, recover. You can, because you got stuff done when everyone else was winding down.

This bell lap offers you the opportunity to finish strong, rest well and start on the front foot.

Don’t waste it.

Luís Perdigão

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