Marketing your product is a key success factor for any start-up. You have to get out there, get known, build a brand. It’s one of the catch 22’s in entrepreneurship. You need to spend money you don’t have to get access to customers you hope will buy what you have to offer.

Our approach depends on our business. In a competitive market, we market to differentiate. When your customer has many other options, why should they choose your product? This is the role of marketing. It positions the shared value. It shows why you are worth considering. It helps your customer understand why you are worth the mental effort required to make a change.

In a blue ocean market marketing is about education. We need to inform the customer why they should use our product to fix a problem they experience instead of going about it the way they always have. Why should they switch from Taxies to Segways?

It’s easy to answer the ‘what’, it’s much harder to answer the ‘why’. You might be surprised to find that your customer cares more about the ‘why’ than you think. Even in competitive markets.

Why your product?

Why this solution?


Annie Spratt

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