Two of the critical forces in flight. Lift is what gets us off the ground. Drag is resistance created by an object moving through air. If we want more lift, we increase the area of the wing. This also creates drag, which burns more energy.

This gives two options, either create massive lift, get to altitude quickly, and then settle into the lowest drag ratio, or keep the drag as low as possible, and take longer to get to altitude. There is an optimal level for every airplane that balances this equation. The most efficient climb rate.

In your business, this equation translates to rate of growth and profit margin. You could decrease the profit margin and grow really quickly. This makes sense if you can increase the profit margin later on. The alternative is to optimise the profit margin and grow slower. This makes sense if its really hard to fix the process once it scales.

The most important criteria is first to understand the type of plane your flying. Fast is not always better. Slow is not always right.

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