The start-up grind is exactly that, a grind. Every day, face in the mud, getting your hands dirty, barely coming up for air slog fight. Alright, I ‘m over-selling a bit, but it certainly feels like it.

With our eyes fixed on the next steps and our minds preoccupied with what we don’t see coming, we tend to feel like we are not making traction. Every once in a while, it does us real good to look up and see how far we’ve come.

Sure, it feels like tiny steps forward with steps back, like a ballroom dance, but we are making progress. Those steps seem insignificant at first. Luckily they have a profound compounding effect. This effect is most noticeable when we stop to look up.

We may not be on the summit of Everest, but we are high enough to appreciate the spectacular view.

Pablo Heimplatz

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