They really are functional replicas of real ecosystems. The biodiversity, water ph balance, temperature, fish feces, and cleaning crews all work together to maintain this wonderful system. Or it doesn’t, in which case it’s the most expensive nightmare you could ever buy.

It teaches us that no one species can run an ecosystem by itself. It also shows us how one species can mess it up for everybody. Balance is hard to achieve and easy to ruin. The trick to mastering the difference is understanding the current system and the role that each player fulfills in order to enhance the stability.

This is what entrepreneurs essentially do. We create new businesses (species) in an existing ecosystem. If our species does not enhance the system for all, either our species will die, or the entire system will falter.

It’s much easier to support the ecosystem when we understand it better. We understand it better through research (other people’s experiments) or conducting our own.


Pratik Mehta

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