In drag racing, we try to go as fast as we can over a pre-determined distance. Teams spend countless hours perfecting every split second of the race to shave time off the performance. It’s silly to not spend some of that time on perfecting our brakes.

Brakes have no effect on our race time. In fact, without the weight added by the stopping power, we could probably cover the distance even faster. The brakes are what make the efforts repeatable. Repeatable efforts reduce the per race costs exponentially.

Space travel is expensive because we have to build a new racecar every time. (Although not anymore.) Execution is the first step. In order to perfect execution, we need build-measure-learn cycles in close proximity. This is optimised by spending time on making things repeatable.

It takes precious time up front, it saves years over time. Progress is a result of our ability to tweak and repeat.
Lloyd Dirks

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