We offer trust in two ways. Upfront, because every person is worthy of trust. Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. Or once we feel that you are trustworthy because we have been burnt before.

Either way works. Upfront trust allows for faster networking, more effective relationship building, and higher trust levels. Someone must extend the olive branch of trust first. If you do, the chances that you will receive trust in return increase and speed up.

If you only give trust once it’s earned, don’t be surprised when others extend the same level of courtesy. It takes longer to build, and it disappears quickly.

Trust is a great conduit for quick traction. It will be abused by some. Create temperature checks in your relationships to flag these situations and take the appropriate measures. The benefits outweigh the risks.

Trust is a poor replacement for contracts though. Not because people cannot be trusted, but because we have a short memory.


Lauren Lulu Taylor

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