There are two kinds. Those who spectate because they support. They are rooting for your success. They anticipate your victory. You are an avatar for their hopes, dreams, and fears. You are a representative of their values. They are on your team.

Then there are those who are cynical. They spectate not as supporters but as critics. Not because they hope to help you improve but because they relish your failure. They thrive on your mistakes and imperfections. This is because they want to be where you are. Something held them back.

Appreciate your spectators. They are your customers. They want you to succeed. Give them a reason to cheer. Most importantly, allow them to live themselves into your experience as much as possible. Afford them a ride on the emotional rollercoaster as you struggle through defeat to ultimate victory.

Ignore the cynics. They are not your customers anyway.

When given the choice, be a supporter or participate in the game. Cynicism does not help anyone.


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