They have a set of critical success factors. Things that you should include in your design to set yourself up for success. Especially if you have not done it before. Like climbing Everest.

  1. Information: You do as much research as you can. You read everything you find. You learn the risks, requirements, costs, and hazards.
  2. Team: You do not do this alone. You build a team. You get them united behind a shared vision. You design and plan together. You get in experts and guides.
  3. Planning: You decide on the best time to do it. The gear and food you will need. You plan logistics, fail-safes and escape routes.
  4. Training: You get fit. You practice. You expose yourself to simulated environments to test gear and discover the things you dink not take into account.

Only after all of this do we execute.

This sounds far-fetched and absurd. Everest is a life or death expedition. It costs a huge amount of money and is physically extremely taxing.

So is starting a new business.

Perhaps we should take it more seriously.


Ananya Bilimale

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