We can approach life from one of two fundamental perspectives: Self-centered or other- sensitive. Our worldview affects every interaction we have and every decision we make.

What consequences will I experience because of what I am doing or not doing right now? If we are self-centered this is the only question we ever ask. We are self-interested. We are not willing to experience inconvenience or exert extra effort for the benefit of someone else.

We do not think about what makes the system function better, but how I function most efficiently within it. This kind of thinking self-perpetuates like cancer through a body. If one member is interested only in how they are affected it forces others into self-preservation since no-one else is looking out for them.

This polarises your culture and breeds a festering pool of petty politics.

The alternative is to become other-sensitive. This requires me to account for the impact of my doing and not doing on the lives of others. It requires us to think beyond our own ambitions and discomfort. It requires that we place ourselves second for the greater good.

It takes an incredibly mature person to move counter-culture when everyone else is self-preserving. Your maturity makes it easier for every other person to follow.

Be the change.

Simson Petrol

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