When pilots learn to fly, they do so with visual frames of reference called VFR or visual flight rules. This is a great way to learn, but it restricts their flying to favourable conditions. When pilots progress in their training they receive an instrument rating. This allows them to fly IFR or instrument flight rules. This allows them to fly in almost any weather. It is foolproof and responsive to the environment.

The same principle applies to almost anything. Reading music or knowing only tabs, navigating by sight or by map and compass in adventure racing.

In a world where the external environment is constantly changing and unpredictable, it is okay to start with VFR in our start-up but it is not helpful to stay there. The more anti-fragile your business becomes, the more resilient you will be.

We achieve this by creating repeatable business models and processes that are isolated from outside influence. We keep them relevant with business intelligence feedback loops that respond to the changes in the external environment.

It’s more work up front.

Vincent Versluis

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